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“SSEF” is the Brand name of SSEF Pvt. Ltd. We are specialized manufacturers of stainless steel stainless steel engineering products & fasteners for use in water, sewage, desalination and water treatment projects all over Middle East.

We manufacture stainless steel engineering products & fasteners as per the latest standards in ASTM, ASME, DIN, ISO, JS and BS. With high powered synthesis of experience, process know how and experience, we hold the leading edge in manufacturing excellence and state of the production facilities in different parts of India.

We have a long history of innovation and developing stainless steel engineering products & fasteners and allied products for very high end quality customers. We provide our customers with our expert knowledge which we have developed over the years by investing in research and development in our works. At our organization, innovation, reliability and performance are the main mottos.

We have a long standing tradition of providing uncompromised quality stainless steel engineering products & fasteners, we relentlessly conduct series of quality checks like UTS testing, profile checks, destructive and all other kinds of non destructive testing.

  • Established in 2008

  • Exports to over 10 countries

  • Over 25 Employees

  • 1 manufacturing plant

  • Modern Technology

  • Stainless steel pipes & fitting

  • 100% machining on Latest Japanese CNC machines

Our Vision

At our organization we aim to provide the world with quality stainless steel engineering products & fasteners and technologies that will improve the durability and life of the bolt. We strive to provide the latest technological solution for the fastener industries.

At SSEF Pvt. Ltd., Quality, Delivery, Price are the main aspects of over project and order. If we always delivery on time it ensures that you get your job done on time.

We work together with our customers round the clock to ensure that we maintain the strictest delivery schedules and ensure 100% quality controls and deliver the right product at the right time and at the right price.

At our company we focus on the customer and always try to adhere to the delivery schedule on time. We have a 99% on time performance record which we are proud of over these years.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to work together as a team with our customers in providing them good quality stainless steel engineering products & fasteners with on time deliveries and best prices and also building partnerships with them over the yearsOur mission is to work together as a team with our customers, listen to them and help them in their work by giving them top class quality products, services and deliveries.

We work hard in our factories with our workers who are also our strength and synergize our efforts in delivering to our customers. We strive to achieve 100% on time deliveries in the next 2 years by working relentlessly with our suppliers and customers.

Our mission is to continuously improve our quality by adopting the Japanese art “Kaizen” which means constant improvement in quality over the period of time.


SSEF Pvt. Ltd. headed & managed by well experienced & qualified engineers, followed by a team of experts, who are highly qualified and well experienced professionals in their respective fields. Management is well qualified & graduated from a reputed university.

He has a strong knowledge in the field of manufacturing stainless steel engineering products & fasteners and the company has enough experience in manufacturing stainless steel engineering products & fasteners since 2008 in India. We have exports to over 10 countries in over all over the world. With production facilities in India we ensure world class quality.

Our company was 2008 and we have executed many project supplies stainless steel engineering products & fasteners to various prestigious projects in India and in Middle East. Including supply of stainless steel engineering products & fasteners to some of the prestigious Government projects like- National Thermal Power corp. Ltd., Hindustan petroleum ltd, Reliance Energy etc.


The managerial board of our company consists of multinational team of business professionals, consultants & engineers who bring in to the organization vast experience in the field of manufacturing fasteners in stainless steel and carbon steel used in the petrochemical, oil, gas and water fields. Our infrastructure is also based on customized & sophisticated ERP system for conducting business transactions ensuring high accuracies & maximum automation.